“60 Minutes” Auto-Tunes T-Pain Interview

60 Minutes Auto-Tunes T-Pain Interview web

Tallahassee, Fla. – Segments of Sunday’s 60 Minutes interview with Grammy Award-winning rapper T-Pain were pitch-corrected using Auto-Tune, producers of the show confirmed Monday. “Every noise coming out of T-Pain’s mouth was digitally morphed in editing to better represent the rapper’s artistic style,” explained 60 Minutes producer Robert Anderson. Anderson said that T-Pain was allowed to bend the pitch of his interview voice to the nearest true semitones during post-production. “[T-Pain] also Auto-Tuned Morley Safer’s vocal adlibs to create a more cohesive segment that keeps perfect pitch, time and tune. T-Pain having full artistic control over the segment may have produced Sixty Minutes’ most pioneering work to date.” T-Pain’s Auto-Tuned segment is scheduled to air Sunday.

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