Afghan Whigs — Do To The Beast 6.5


Afghan Whigs 
Do to the Beast
Sub Pop

Like so many other teenage boys, I was drawn to Cincinatti’s Afghan Whigs in the 90s for their blatant, biting and caustically sexually subject material. In other words, Greg Dulli. The guy has definitely earned his icon status: part caricature, part Cassanova, all predator. The Whigs are responsible for a couple great albums and one stone classic (Gentlemen), but it wasn’t like anyone was really gripping for an Afghan Whigs reunion. Do to the Beast is a perfectly fine record, I suppose, and would probably even seem like an accomplishment coming from a bunch of kids. Compared to songs like “What Jail Is Like,” “My Curse” and “Be Sweet,” though, this is shockingly mediocre stuff. These comeback albums are always a great way to call attention to a band’s back catalog though. Gentlemen is a record everyone should know about.–Andrew Watson


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