Area Man Wondering How Many Times He’ll Have To Ask Before Wife Tells Him What’s Wrong

couples resolve to communicate more openly can lead to no goodKalamazoo, Mich. – Local husband James Myers, 34, struggled Sunday to predict how many times he’d have to ask before his wife Lena would end her silent standoff and unleash upon on him the inevitable torrent of anger, frustration and utter ire that’s been eating at her all day even though she won’t admit it. While it was unclear what had precipitated this instance of his wife’s internal rage – which is nearly always followed by the eventual eruption of yelling, blaming and name-calling – Myers admitted that the actual moment of catharsis is impossible to anticipate or instigate. “I can’t tell how close it is, ever. Sometimes the silent treatment will go on for days, no matter how many times I ask her what’s wrong. Then three days later out of nowhere she’ll start screaming and whatever’s been bothering her. Sometimes I can’t even remember what she’s talking about,” Myers said. “Other times, she’ll be at what looks like her boiling point for weeks, without ever actually yelling. It can be really draining trying to figure out when the dam will burst.” Sources reported hearing yelling from the Myers home late Sunday, indicating that the fiery tirade may have already begun.–Drew Miller

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