Bello Spark: Bello Spark – Grand Rapids, MI/Chicago, IL

Bello Spark coverBello Spark

Bello Spark

Grand Rapids, Mich./Chicago, Ill.

A tale of two cities, two musicians, and their mutual respect and inspiration comes to life on Bello Spark’s debut. A collaboration between Chicago vocalist/guitarist Rob Jordan and GR guitarist/vocalist Tory Peterson (also of Simien The Whale), this twelve-song set focuses on the duo’s respective contributions, keeping the rhythm section back in the mix, and emphasizing every one of Jordan’s breaths and Peterson’s licks. While Jordan’s raspy vocals might remind some listeners of Marcus Mumford, and Peterson’s leads might ring out like Coldplay, their shared love for ‘90s pop-rock prominently marches out with the rhythm guitar churn of album opener “Parade,” and continues through just about every acoustic/electric track. They’ve got enough hooks and talent for light-rock’s spotlight, so fans of that sound should check them out now at Mitts

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