Editorial: Allow Me to Further Erode KISS’ Legacy, By Gene Simmons

KISS fans, you’re probably getting used to this sort of thing by now – but if not, please excuse me while I further erode the legacy of my iconic band by throwing my son a bone with this “Rock is dead” quote for Esquire.

By Gene Simmons

By Gene Simmons

If it were in my nature, I’d apologize. I’d apologize for allowing my personal career – or that of my son’s, in this case – to diminish the pure vision KISS fans would love to retain if I wouldn’t stop ruining it for them. By publicly proclaiming rock as dead, I’m just trying to keep myself relevant in the media eye – and give a leg-up to my son, Nick Simmons, who’s still trying to get recognized as a multi-platform artist in his own right.

Besides, time heals all wounds – even those made retroactively by destroying the image of one of the world’s greatest bands by continuing on as an overbearing asshole for another 20 years of career. Sure, KISS fans’ image of their rebellious teen heroes might have permanently defused when I endorsed Mitt Romney for President. Some fans don’t much care to see the God of Thunder in a suit saying things out of character like, “America should be in business, and it should be run by a businessman.” I get that.

But that’s not to say it isn’t worth routinely damaging the image of KISS in order to cash in on something new, especially when it comes to something as important as family – and my son could really use another break in the biz. Let’s forget that Simmons Comics Group halted production on his comic book, Incarnate, after the accusations of plagiarism; Nick was young then and new to comics. But by transcribing my obnoxious rambling for Esquire, my son can now add “published writer” to his resumé in hopes that someone will pay him to write something original.

Have I mentioned that my son has also done voiceover work for Robot Chicken and recorded a song he co-wrote with former KISS member Bruce Kulick? He really is quite a talent, and I hope one of these opportunities I’m continually throwing at him eventually takes. That will have made eroding the KISS name worth it.


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