Gravity is the story of a medial engineer (played by Sandra Bullock) and an astronaut nearing retirement (George Clooney). While on a spacewalk repairing the Hubble Telescope, Houston reports that Russians have destroyed an old satellite with a missile and while the debris shouldn’t affect them, to be on the look out for it. Shortly thereafter another call comes from Houston telling them to abort and prepare for immediate collision; the missile strike has caused the debris to strike other space satellites causing more debris, thus causing a cascading Kessler syndrome (debris hitting more objects, causing more debris, which hit more objects, etc.

Houston would be unable to send rescue for decades). When this cloud of debris hits the crew of the shuttle, it throws both main characters out into space. Using only what they have on them they must try to find a way to survive and return to Earth. This film did a beautiful job showing the majesty of space and how amazing Earth looks from there. It also showed how fragile our hold on life would be and how quickly something simple like a screw could cause it all to come crashing down. While the story is rather straightforward there is a big shocking moment about halfway through the film, that does cause a major deviation from standard movie fair, but other than that moment, the ending of the film is never in doubt – but it is an amazing view, getting there.–Mark Ritzema

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