Infant Not Nearly As Adorable When Crying At 3 a.m.

Infant Not Nearly As Adorable When Crying At 3 amSeattle, Wash. – First-time parents Mark and Julie Ward have begun recognizing that their sweet, cute-as-a-button infant daughter April is not nearly as adorable when the toddler is wailing and crying for attention at top volume three or four times every night while both career-minded parents attempt to rest in preparation for their upcoming workdays. “Everyone from the grandparents to our friends and neighbors agree that April is absolutely the most adorable baby one Earth, but they’ve never had to fuss with her for half the night, feeding and changing her,” said an exhausted-looking Julie Ward while heating baby formula for at 3 a.m. Monday morning. “I love her and everything, but trust me, little April isn’t nearly as adorable when viewed through my red, bag-ridden, sleep-deprived eyes.”-Cliff Frantz

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