Jesse Ray & The Carolina Catfish — Grand Rapids, Mich.


This debut album from the duo of vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Jesse Ray and drummer Josh Worsham is a back-to-basics rock ‘n’ roll record that digs deep into the genre’s history. Their sound mixes retro cool with vital energy, bouncing through the doo-wop twist ‘n’ shout of “Chicago” and the rockabilly swing of “Lonesome” with the same sort of manic fervor found on lost LPS from decades ago. Ray has the voice to back up his completely bare-bones approach, belting out standout track “Beer City USA” and closing number “Soul Singer” with a deep bluesy howl, while Worsham can definitely swim with the big fish, churning through the set with a propulsive power worthy of being listed as the rest of the band. — Eric Mitts

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