June Flesh and Fashion: Samantha and Sean Barrett


Favorite places:
Yesterdog, Founders
Occupation: Traveling gypsy minstrel
Plays: Mandolin, guitar, fiddle and washboard in FB, Sam N’ Eye, Luna C. Leather and Feather
Interests: Hitchhiking, rubbertrampin (vehicle living), repurposing dead animal parts as jewelry, dumpster diving and being a positive influence to everyone I meet!
Studies: Herbal medicine, ancient languages
Music: Tom Waits, Stevie Nicks, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, Charlie Parr
Aspirations: Homesteading with sustainability
Words to live by: “In the absence of light, darkness prevails; be the light!”


Favorite places:
Brewery Vivant, Founders, Tip Top, Bell’s Eccentric Cafe (kzoo)
Occupation: Professional busker, leather craftsman/milliner, guitar and vocals for Sam N’ Eye
Interests: Travelin’ round, meeting people of all walks of life.
Hangouts: Anne St. Bridge, Jackson Island, Busking on Ionia St., the woods
Hobbies: Homebrewing, mastering/editing my music, writing songs, dancin’, building franken-instruments
Music: Stompin, bluegrass, blues, ragtime, Townes Van Zandt, Doc Watson
Words to live by: “To struggle is to really live.”

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