Local Release: Ignite the Borealis “Frigid/Arid”


Ignite the borealis.
Grand Rapids, Mich.

And the award for most prolific band goes to Ignite the borealis. The Grand Rapids-based emo/power pop band capped off 2014 by releasing two full-length albums, dubbed Frigid and Arid. That’s 24 tracks, ya’ll. To be honest, the band was due for some new material after releasing Coup De Grace in June of 2012, but with these releases, Ignite the borealis. gives listeners plenty to digest for a while. Don’t let the opening track “A Liquid State” fool you; Frigid is the slower, more subdued, of the two albums, referenced by the album’s title track and another slower tune dubbed “Hulk Hogan in Sweatpants.” Arid is packed with the vintage Fall Out Boy-esque songs that Ignite the borealis. has hung its hat on since its debut. It makes for a great combo. – Jayson Bussa

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