Nuhgjahre: Music to Squatch hunt to


“Stones and Mist: A Sasquatch Story” release show
wsg. The Jackpine Snag, Imperial Sun Crusher
Mulligan’s Pub, Grand Rapids
Nov. 22, (10 p.m.)
Free, 21+,

Everything changed one fateful night in the woods when stoner metal duo Nuhgjahre ran across none other than the legendary Sasquatch.

“We were in shock and just stood there silently watching this magical beast quickly dig a deep hole and crap in it,” vocalist/guitarist Lou Cadabra told Recoil. “We all crapped that day.”

Open to the idea of everything from the Loch Ness Monster to Pookahs, Santa Claus, doppelgangers, werewolves, aliens and more, Cadabra and drummer/vocalist Del Rogers put their jobs as travelling shower curtain ring salesmen on hold to start writing theme-based albums, focusing on the epic battle of good vs. evil, rather than conventional rock song structures.

“We’re really not into writing love songs,” Cadabra said.“All our songs start as some form of improv jamming then we write songs around those jams. Once it’s recorded, we stick to that format. Our album Stones & Mist: A Sasquatch Story is all premeditated, but on the other hand, we released a single 17-minute track, ‘Labor Day Mass,’ that was 100 percent improv jamming.”

Nuhgjahre (pronounced Nug-Jar) takes its unusual name from a Scandinavian Viking ship, and finds influence from the likes of Melvins, Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age and Clutch.

After their Sasquatch encounter, they holed up in their own Nuhg-Cave, swilling whiskey and smoking weed while writing and recording their first-person encounter with the elusive creature.

Calling their sound the “thinking man’s stoner rock,” the two try to maintain a stoner vibe while keeping the predictability low and the lyrics interesting.

“We are more of an art project than just a band and we spend 99 percent of the time creating, and once we play it live once, maybe twice, we then move on to the next creation,” Cadabra said. “We added a sixth track to our album called ‘Sell Your Bones’ that is a hint at our next album direction.”

Nuhgjahre signed with Lansing-based label Silver Maple Kill Records after Cadabra met SMK CEO Todd Karinen at a Jackpine Snag show. Since both were fans of Sasquatch, they decided to make the five-song EP together.

“All the bands are great and are all out gigging and putting out records,” Cadabra said about being on SMK Records.“It’s a very active label.”

Fellow SMK band The Jackpine Snag and Imperial Sun Crusher will join Nuhgjahre at the release show for Stones and Mist: A Sasquatch Story on Nov. 22 at Mulligan’s.

Whether their story of Sasquatch is fact or crap will then be up to the eye of the beholder (or ear of the listener), but one thing is for sure, the band is not stopping there.

“We never would’ve believed, until we saw the Sasquatch with our own six eyes,” Cadabra said. “Our work takes us all over the world and it is only a matter of time before we encounter some other anomaly to inspire our next project or album.” n

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