Number Sign’s Career Rejuvenated After Rebranding As Hashtag

Number Sign’s Career Rejuvenated After Rebranding As Hashtag web

San Jose, Calif. – A press release Monday boasted that the symbol previously known as #, which had struggled to retain popular use as the number sign during the decline of print media, has experienced renewed career growth since rebranding itself as a sorting tool for online social media groups. “Most computer users are unaware that popularity for what we now call the hashtag had reached record lows before its online rebranding,” explained cryptologist Daniel E. McIntosh, who has traced #’s career from its start as a tic-tac-toe board in first century BC, through its italicization by religious leaders during the Bronze Age and its eventual demotion to representing numeric values in a language exceedingly dominated by words and letters. In the release, # lauded the recent rebranding of @ as “an inspiration,” and dismissed recent career contributions from the dollar sign and asterisk as “the work of talentless hacks.”

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