Over 10,000 Americans Currently Trapped In Roundabouts

Over 10,000 Americans Currently Trapped In Roundabouts web

Chicago, Ill. – A report released Friday by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that almost 12 percent of U.S. missing persons are motorists trapped in one of the growing number of roundabouts installed on American soil since the 1990s. “Circular intersections are the vehicular equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle for American drivers,” said Deputy Secretary of Transportation John Porcari. “Maybe it’s some kind of cultural gap, because in the U.K. they have no problem with the country’s worst drivers getting lost in an inescapable 15 mile-per-hour loop of traffic purgatory.” Porcari noted that despite the personal tragedy related to each missing American last seen entering the commonplace cross-street transitions by motor vehicle, at least those drivers are being kept from open roads, where they typically collide violently with more skilled drivers while trying to work the GPS on their cell phones.

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