Pitbull Tranquilized After Escaping Crate, Running Through City

pitbull tranquilized after escaping cage web

Las Vegas, Nev. – Handlers of the Grammy Award-winning rapper Pitbull admitted having lost control of their client Thursday night when the 160-pound artist escaped his cage and wreaked havoc along the Vegas strip before being shot with a tranquilizer dart and safely returned to his environment. “We followed Pitbull’s movements for nearly two hours in order to make sure we got a clean shot,” Las Vegas Metro police officer Norm Bliss, 54, explained to reporters regarding the safe takedown of the multimedia star. “We eventually took the Pitbull down for his own safety as he was about to hit on a soft eighteen against the dealer’s six with a fifty thousand dollar bet on the line. Fortunately, we were able to knock him out and get him back to his hotel room before anyone got hurt.”

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