Raisin Bran Sun to Direct Gabriel Garcia Marquez Biopic

raisin bran sun to direct web

Hollywood, Calif. – In what has been hailed as a great artistic step forward for the iconic cereal mascot, the Raisin Bran Sun has signed on to direct Universal Studios’ upcoming $30 million biopic about Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. “I’ve always admired Marquez’s art, and so this project is such an honor,” said the Raisin Bran Sun, who wears shades and is constantly holding two studio-lit scoops of raisins at all times. “In a way, it’s a perfect match because Marquez’s genius made him the face of an entire South American literary renaissance in much the same way that I am the face of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran cereal. I think it’s a logical connection.” The enormous, smiling sun is set to begin filming the Gabriel Garcia Marquez biopic in July of 2016.

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