Recoil Again Copies The Onion By Going Out of Print

Recoil again copies the onion by going out of print web

Grand Rapids, Mich. Recoil – West Michigan’s rip-off of pioneering news satire magazine The Onion from, like, day one; ask anyone – announced the regional tabloid’s plan to again copy The Onion note-for-note by moving the publication’s contents almost entirely online to beginning Jan. 1. “If The Onion moved almost exclusively to digital, then probably Recoil should as well, because God knows none of us here have a single original idea or style – we just rip-off whatever The Onion does,” said Recoil managing editor Cliff Frantz, who founded the magazine with his wife Kimberly in 2001 before going on to reap untold fortunes in the publishing industry. “Recoil’s print issue will morph into a bimonthly zine format, but our website will refocus on timely satire content about ongoings in West Michigan, and we’ll be launching more video satire,” said Frantz. Frantz said the change comes despite soaring print ad revenue. “The print issue has always brought in money hand-over-fist like you would not believe, and print is poised to explode in 2015, but we do everything exactly like The Onion does, so that’s that.’”

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