Recoil Founder to Give Up Entertainment Entirely

Recoil founder to give up entertainment entirely web

Holland, Mich. – Blaming perpetual career disappointments and market trajectory, Recoil founder Cliff Frantz announced Monday that he’s leaving the entertainment industry to pursue his previous career of delivering pizzas for a living. “Pretty much everyone expects everything for free these days – except their pizza delivery,” said Frantz, running four Jet’s Pizza pies up to the porch of a Zeeland apartment building and jubilantly pocketing a $3.26 tip. Frantz said the change comes as fewer and fewer consumers find interest in his work as an author, musician, actor and director. “I made more money in tips last week than I made with the book I published last year,” said Frantz, excited by the prospect of paying his mortgage one time after 22 years of struggling in the entertainment industry. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s ‘give the people what they want.’ And what the people want these days is pizza, not satire.”

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