Report: 85 Percent of Americans Currently Consider Statue of Liberty A Father Figure

85 percent of americans consider statue of liberty dad web

Washington, D.C. – Results of a Gallup Poll released this week show that more than 85 percent of the American population considers the Statue Of Liberty as their father figure. “Our poll found that the vast majority of Americans look to the Statue Of Liberty for the moral guidance and emotional support previously provided by a reliable household father,” said Gallup representative Stephanie Gordon, one of the leaders of the study and one of the hundreds of millions of Americans who think of the Statue Of Liberty as their strongest role model. “Youths especially crave the reliability of knowing someone is always going to be there standing up for them.” Gordon noted that the remaining 15 percent of American citizens said that their primary father figure is the head of Thomas Jefferson that’s carved onto Mount Rushmore.

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