Report: Nation’s Muthafuckas Still Act Like They Forgot About Dre

dr dre

Detroit, Mich. – A report published Monday by independent analysts confirmed what rapper Eminem described in 2001 as society’s tendency to forget about the groundbreaking catalogue of rap pioneer Dr. Dre. “If it was up to me/you motherfuckers would stop coming up to me/with your hands out looking up to me,” Dre posed in frustration on he and Eminem’s hit single “Forgot About Dre” 13 years ago. “All I get is hate mail all day sayin’ Dre fell off/What, ‘cause I been in the lab wit a pen and a pad/Tryna get this damn label off?” The study’s findings confirmed suspicions raised by Dre and megastar rapper Eminem on their 2001 collaboration. “Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say/But nothin’ comes out when they move they lips/Just a buncha gibberish/And muthfuckas act like they forgot about Dre,” said Eminem.

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