Republican Majority Finally Able to Shut Down Michigan Satire Magazine

republicans shut down recoil web

Recoil Vows To Continue Online

Grand Rapids, Mich. – More than a decade of government efforts to shut down news satire and entertainment tabloid Recoil came to fruition Nov. 27 when the new Republican majority voted to immediately force the monthly publication out of print. “Thanks to Republicans, December is Recoil’s final print issue,” said Grand Rapids city counsel representative Tina Williams. Williams said Recoil – the free tabloid newspaper recognized as “The Onion of West Michigan” by The New York Times in 2002 – had been a perpetual blight on West Michigan culture since 2001. “Unfortunately, [the government] can’t stop Recoil from refocusing and expanding their website,, to include video satire and other original content unique to West Michigan, but at least 10,000 copies of that literary eyesore won’t be clogging up the entrances to our area’s restaurants, tattoo shops and music venue every month.” Williams added that Michigan Republicans are hoping to shut down Recoil’s popular youtube channel before 2015.


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