Stumbling Attempt To Socialize At Family Reunion Results In Commitment To Organize Next Reunion

stumbling attempt at family reunionPiedmont, Ga. – Susan Bradbury, a warmhearted yet reclusive member of the Bradbury family made an ill-conceived and stumbling impromptu attempt to socialize during her family’s annual reunion Sunday – a move Bradbury fears may have committed her to organizing the following year’s reunion party, a project with which she harbors no desire to be involved.

“I was just trying to make my presence known, so at least people could confirm that I was there before I cut out early,” said Bradbury, who admitted to routinely being tongue-tied when it comes to making conversation with relatives in a party atmosphere. “Unfortunately, during my half-hearted attempt to make small talk I apparently blurted out some insane nonsense about how much fun it must be to organize the reunion – you know, doing all of the planning and everything. Before I knew it I had been elected to organize next year’s reunion. I was like, ‘Okay, what just happened here?’”

Bradbury said that the person most responsible for forcing the reins of next year’s reunion into her hands was Sandy O’Donnell, a distant cousin who had been in charge of organizing the reunion for the last four years.

“All I said was that I had once designed some [party] invitations and Sandy was all like, ‘Really? Because that’s basically all there is to it, and we need somebody to organize next year’s reunion. Why don’t you give it a try?’” said Bradbury, mimicking O’Donnell’s high-pitched voice. “The next thing I know she’s standing in front of all of these people asking me if she can e-mail me the list of family members’ addresses and the phone numbers of some banquet halls and all sorts of other stuff. Everybody was looking at me. There was nowhere to run. I was completely cornered.”

Bradbury claimed that although she doesn’t recall ever officially agreeing to organize the 2007 Bradbury Reunion – adamantly insisting that she used the word “maybe” exclusively in her limited responses to O’Donnell’s forceful suggestion – she now believes she is committed to spearheading the project.

“I think I’m pretty much screwed because word has gotten around among the family that I’m in charge for next year,” said Bradbury. “I’ve already run into a few relatives that have said, ‘So, I hear you’re hosting next year’s reunion,’ or something to that effect. I have no idea how I could get out of doing it now. It’s not like someone’s going to offer to take the job off my hands.”

Bradbury admitted that although she will most likely carry out the organizational duties for the 2007 reunion, she bears no intention of repeating the task for a second year.

“I’ve already been trying to think of a way of handing off the job to somebody else at next year’s party, probably much like the way Sandy did it to me,” said Bradbury. “If I can find somebody to volunteer, great, but one way or another, believe me, there’s no way in hell I’m getting stuck with this baton for another lap around the track. It’s getting shoved into somebody’s hand, whether they like it or not.”



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