Required Listening: Fugazi “First Demo” 10/10


  Fugazi’s First Demo takes fans to where it all began Fugazi – 10/10 First Demo Dischord Fugazi inspired my love for rock and roll, such that it exists today. I grew up as enamored as anyone else with the Beatles and Continue reading

Local Release: Ignite the Borealis “Frigid/Arid”


Ignite the borealis. Frigid/Arid Grand Rapids, Mich. And the award for most prolific band goes to Ignite the borealis. The Grand Rapids-based emo/power pop band capped off 2014 by releasing two full-length albums, dubbed Frigid and Arid. That’s 24 tracks, Continue reading

Local Release: Hollywood Makeout “Bikini Bat”


Hollywood Makeout Bikini Bat Grand Rapids, Mich. You might be freezing your ass off in the frigid Michigan temps, but Hollywood Makeout’s new release may just be the disc to warm your ear holes up this winter. Featuring front woman Continue reading