The Art of the Steal

art of the steel

The Art of the Steal stars Kurt Russell as Crunch Calhoun, who along with his brother Nicky (Matt Dillon) run a con/art theft group. When a deal goes bad in Prague and Nicky gets caught, he flips on his brother and Crunch is sentenced to seven years in prison. When he gets out, Crunch decides to be free from the life and lives off being a third-rate motorcycle “stuntman” for carnivals and such. After his brother rips off a courier and Crunch gets attacked, he decides to put together one last theft hoping to beat his brother and walk away being remembered and rich.

He and his team decide to steal a valuable and recently stolen book called the Gospel of St. James, which according to the film is the second book printed on the Guttenberg printing press. Along the way he runs across an Interpol agent (Jason Jones) and Sam (Terence Stamp), his CI, who are chasing the painting stolen by Nicky, but when Sam runs across Crunch at the airport, he knows that there must be more going on. This movie is a fun and enjoyable comedy, and at 90 minutes it’s a quick watch. It’s very similar to the TNT show Leverage in that it is telling viewers one story and at the end, the big reveal is that there was a second story going on that viewers had no idea about which completely changes viewers’ interpretation of the original story.–Mark Ritzema

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