The Soil and the Sun — Grand Rapids, Mich.


The Soil & The Sun evade easy classification on their third album, captivating listeners with a mesmerizing set of songs that work together to create a truly massive body of work unparalleled on the local scene. The varied and layered instrumentation, the deep and disparate tones, the dynamic rise and fall of it all: Meridian defies all boundaries and genres with an all-encompassing sense of orchestral wonder. The ensemble’s ever-growing legion of fans should already know the dirge-like darkness of “Samyaza” and the hypnotic harmonies of “Are You?,” but that’s only an inkling of the album’s sprawling musical grandeur. Only the best music can be described as an experience, and Meridian is an epic whirlwind demanding close, and repeated, listening. — Eric Mitts


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