Thing Done Number On

Boise, Idaho – Steve Warren, an experienced crane operator employed by Ace Construction Company, is reported to have done a number on one of the company’s air compressors when the controls for his crane malfunctioned Friday morning, causing the crane to over-rotate and sending the air compressor he was lifting crashing into the side of the building under construction. “Fortunately, none of the workers were hurt, but God damn did ol’ Steve ever do a number on our air compressor,” said foreman Gene Daughtry. Warren admitted to having done numbers on other pieces of company equipment in the past by accident, but refused to accept responsibility for doing the number on the air compressor, instead blaming equipment malfunction. Added Warren: “Well, at least I’m not like Marv and don’t ruin everybody’s day every single morning by doing a number on the site’s only Port-O-John.”-Cliff Frantz

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