This is the End


This is the End stars Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Danny McBride and numerous others all portraying themselves, or rather an over-exaggerated version of themselves. The film opens with Seth Rogan meeting up with Jay Baruchel as he lands in L.A. All Baruchel is looking to do is have a relaxing weekend with his friend at Rogan’s home. After smoking a large amount of pot and playing video games, Rogan suggests they head over to see James Franco’s house-warming party. While the two step out of the party to go and buy cigarettes, the rapture occurs, and the righteous are sucked up to heaven, leaving giant holes in the roofs of whatever structure they were in at the time.

Once Rogan and Baruchel get back to Franco’s house the party is still in full swing with none of the attendees having disappeared. Baruchel tries to convince everyone that the apocalypse has happened. It isn’t until after having nearly all of the guests devoured by a giant fissure and having to board themselves in the house that anyone starts to believe him. This review could be filled with the names of all the different cameo guest stars, and it still would not cover them all or do them justice. This movie was very funny; it was difficult to stop laughing at times. Each actor seemed to have a heck of a lot of fun overacting and trying to be over the top, and it seemed to help make the movie a success. –Mark Ritzema

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