Uncommon Road

uncommon roadIn a local music scene booming with talent from our diverse and vibrant community, cultivated in our petri dish of tastes, sounds and interests, the biggest challenge seems to be sticking out from the crowd. Uncommon Road, are doing just that with their powerhouse vocals, shredding guitars and killer rhythm section, not to mention high-energy, interactive stage show that puts to shame even some of the most seasoned national acts. Fresh off their win at WGRD’s Rocktagon Throwdown Championship, Uncommon Road sat down to talk about what they will do with their new title.

I imagine, you have to go into these competitions with an expectation that you will win. The actual winning though, “It was sort of a surreal moment… Like, ‘Did they just say Uncommon Road?’ and then to hear the fans cheer after that made it quite the humbling experience,” UR relayed thoughts of those first moments.

“We went in with the intention of simply putting on a good show of what UR is all about. Sure we wanted to win and talked about winning. But these are the finals, and we were facing the highest caliber that each previous night of the Rocktagon had to offer. So for us whether or not we won we wanted to know we gave it all we had.”

As a member of the crowd that night, I can tell you they did. What was most impressive was the way the group commanded and took ownership of that stage and audience. They were everywhere, from their own small box risers (which add so much with so little) to their frequent trips into the crowd, they simply have that elusive thing that everyone talks about being the key.

“We have never choreographed any of our movements. We each have a great passion for the music we perform and the movements all just seem to line up. We like to present a very raw form of rock and roll!” UR stated.

It is a rare find to have this kind of natural chemistry. So many bands struggle and stumble around the stage awkwardly interacting and just not quite getting that right blend – but for these guys, it is just there. Packed into a petite 4’10” frame is their firecracker of a vocalist Kali Chantelle. At first you have to do a double take because how could that voice of power come from such an itty bitty frame, but boy it does and she isn’t shy about getting into the crowds face about it either.

“We are always keeping a sharp eye out for her in the crowd. We may need to hire a full-time bodyguard for her,” band members laughed – only half kidding, I imagine, because I can tell you there were a good few minutes where I myself couldn’t find her amongst the fans she had been brave enough to walk into.

Since winning the Roctagon Throwdown a few weeks ago, UR has noticed a new kind of respect: “People take us a bit more seriously now, even our existing fans. This is what we want to do for life, and winning seemed to be a display to others of just how much we really want this.”

Uncommon Road is currently in the studio with producer Jake Rye working on their debut EP “One by One,” set to release in late spring, early summer. Their first single, “To Be Found,” is available now for download on iTunes. Uncommon Road will be playing May 17 at The Orbit Room as support for Pop Evil and Sevendust as part of their prize package which they are forever grateful for: “To everyone reading this… UR loved from Kali, Sean, Andrew, Nathan and Cash!”-Naomi Goedert

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