Wile E. Coyote to Launch Class-Action Lawsuit Against ACME Corporation

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Tuscan, Ariz. – Claiming to have suffered decades of frustration, injury, humiliation and liability issues resulting from the use of allegedly malfunctioning products, sources close to Looney Tunes star Wile E. Coyote told reporters Monday that the animated figure is moving forward in spearheading a class-action lawsuit against the ACME Corporation. “Not a single ACME product purchased by my client has ever – I repeat, ever – functioned properly for its intended use,” Coyote’s attorney Martin Blaze read from a prepared statement, describing Coyote’s decades of documented experience using ACME Corporation products in attempt to catch the Roadrunner. “ACME products almost seem designed to fail, and they have led to irreparable damage to both my client’s body and public reputation. That equates to corporate negligence, in our opinion.” Legal representatives for ACME argued that the company is not liable when its products are misappropriated: “ACME is not legally responsible when, for instance, our fireworks are used to try to propel an animal over a gorge during predatory or recreational use.” Representatives for Wile E. Coyote are currently seeking other customers who have been injured as a result of using ACME dynamite, traps, boulders or other products in an attempt to capture or a beloved cartoon character.–Drew Miller

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