Flashlight Alley: The Art Life Chose Them

Alice and Alicia Menninga at Flashlight Alley

Eastown haunt strives to be more than a typical vintage store You’re trudging down Wealthy Street when suddenly you hear a soft instrumental piano piece as you pass Yesterdog. Well, that can’t be right. You double back and realize it’s Continue reading

Sex toy dossier

Ultimate G

Resident sex-pert Dwayne Hoover chronicles some of the most popular, pleasure-inducing products on the market In the modern world, sex isn’t just about perpetuation of the species. Hell, anymore, it isn’t even just a loving, physical exchange between two horny people. Nowadays, Continue reading

Bartertown: Changing the way we eat, work and participate with food in West Michigan

bartertown 2 web

Bartertown, located at 6 Jefferson Ave. in downtown Grand Rapids, is much more than a restaurant — it’s a social movement. Okay, some of this, yes, is tongue-in-cheek, but much of it is not. There are black and red murals Continue reading